I think kernel-docs.rst should be kept. (Or at least another/updated
file fullfilling this purpose should exist) Therefore I put 
some effort into updating it.

This patch relies on Mauros: 
   [Patch v2 ...] Create a book for Kernel development

This patch: 

 * Removes all the dead links according to Jon and Mauro in 
   https://lkml.kernel.org/r/20160916182849.2a7101ea () vento ! lan

 * Removes some very old articles covering linux 2.0 or 2.2 
   (I could have been cleaning up much more aggressive, but 
    I wanted to be carefull for the first patch. I can send a 
    further patch deleting several more IMHO outdated entries 
    if this is appreciated/wanted.)

 * Adds 4 recent books/articles, which are helpfull IMHO

 * Fixes some minor layouting and indentation issues

kernel-docs.rst: Remove offline or outdated entries
kernel-docs.rst: Improve layouting of book list
kernel-docs.rst: Add 4 paper/book references
kernel-docs.rst: Consistent indenting: 4 spaces
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