On Mon, 23 Jan 2017 15:14:51 +0000
Matthew Wilcox <mawil...@microsoft.com> wrote:

> > I maintain my own stack of "linuxdoc" with a python version
> > of the kernel-doc script (hosted on github). It uses the same
> > regexes as the perl version (using a python rewrite here has some
> > other benefits, one you will see below). I merged your patch:  
> Are there plans to merge that?  It feels so odd to have a python script 
> calling a perl script ...

I pushed back pretty hard on it last year; my feeling at the time was that
the Sphinx transition had enough moving parts as it was.  I do think we
can reconsider it now, though.  It's not as if the perl kerneldoc script
is a thing of great beauty in need of preservation.

Markus, would you consider sending out a new patch set for review?  What I
would like to do see is something adding the new script for the Sphinx
toolchain, while leaving the DocBook build unchanged, using the old
script.  We could then delete it once the last template file has moved

4.12 would be the probable merge target; it's a big enough change that I'd
like to have it in -next for a full development cycle.


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