From: Markus Heiser []
> Am 23.01.2017 um 16:24 schrieb Jonathan Corbet <>:
> > Markus, would you consider sending out a new patch set for review?
> Yes, I send RFC soon ...

Could I ask for some features?  I'd've been trying to add them to the perl 
script, but since I am terrible at writing both Perl and Python, and I have 
your attention right now ...

1. An option to select which functions are output by regular expression.  I 
would like to be able to say:

.. kernel-doc:: lib/radix-tree.c
   :functions: radix.*

to avoid the IDA/IDR functions which now live in radix-tree.c from having their 
kernel-doc output.

2. An option to output everything *except* the /** DOC: */ comments.  I want to 
be able to do something like this in my .rst file:

--- 8< ---


.. kernel-doc:: include/linux/radix-tree.h
   :doc: Radix-tree synchronization

The Public API

The public API can be found in ``<linux/radix-tree.h>``.  To use a
radix tree in your data structure, embed a :c:type:`struct radix_tree_root`
in it, and initialise it using ``INIT_RADIX_TREE``.  You can also use
a file-local or global radix tree by defining a :c:type:`RADIX_TREE` as you
would a :c:type:`LIST_HEAD`.

.. kernel-doc:: include/linux/radix-tree.h

--- >8 ---

3. I think it would also make sense, as well as being able to ask for 'all 
exported symbols', to be able to ask for 'all non-static symbols'; we want to 
document __radix_tree_lookup(), but we only want to export it as a symbol if a 
modular user shows up (this isn't critical for me since I want to filter out 
the idr/ida functions as well, but it might be useful for other files).

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