On Thu, Sep 14 2023 at 14:15, andrew wrote:
> PV guests are never going to see FRED (or LKGS for that matter) because
> it advertises too much stuff which simply traps because the kernel is in
> CPL3.
> That said, the 64bit PV ABI is a whole lot closer to FRED than it is to
> IDT delivery.  (Almost as if we decided 15 years ago that giving the PV
> guest kernel a good stack and GSbase was the right thing to do...)

No argument about that.

> In some copious free time, I think we ought to provide a
> minorly-paravirt FRED to PV guests because there are still some
> improvements available as low hanging fruit.
> My plan was to have a PV hypervisor leaf advertising paravirt versions
> of hardware features, so a guest could see "I don't have architectural
> FRED, but I do have paravirt-FRED which is as similar as we can
> reasonably make it".  The same goes for a whole bunch of other features.


I told you before that we want less paravirt nonsense and not more. I'm
serious about that. XENPV CPL3 virtualization is a dead horse from a
technical POV. No point in wasting brain cycles to enhance the zombie
unless you can get rid of the existing PV nonsense, which you can't for
obvious reasons.

That said, we can debate this once the more fundamental issues of
XEN[PV] have been addressed. I expect that to happen quite some time
after I retired :)



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