On 2/13/24 23:15, Greg Kroah-Hartman wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 13, 2024 at 11:56:42AM -0800, Randy Dunlap wrote:
>>> +As part of the normal stable release process, kernel changes that are
>>> +potentially security issues are identified by the developers responsible
>>> +for CVE number assignments and have CVE numbers automatically assigned
>>> +to them.  These assignments are published on the linux-cve mailing list
>>                                                     linux-cve-announce 
>> mailing list
> Ah, good catch, you can see the "old" name for the list here, this is
> due to this document being an older version, a symptom of "write it on
> my workstation, sync to laptop, travel with laptop for 3+ weeks and make
> changes based on meetings with CVE and others and then forget to sync
> from laptop when arriving home".
> Ugh :(
> Thanks so much for the grammer fixes, they are much appreciated.  I'll
> apply them and send out the latest version in a bit.
>>> +No CVEs will be assigned for unfixed security issues in the Linux
>>> +kernel, assignment will only happen after a fix is available as it can
>>    kernel;
>>> +be properly tracked that way by the git commit id of the original fix.
> One of my goals in life is to never use a ';' in a sentence, and after
> writing 2 books without them, I thought I achieve that pretty well as I
> never seem to remember when they are to be used or not.  But I'll trust
> you on this and use it here.

For some reason kernel documentation has a plethora of run-on sentences. :(

Guess we need doclint.


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