* Andreas Dilger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> > This patch contains the following cleanups:
> > - make the following needlessly global function static:
> >   - journal_check_used_features()
> > - remove the following unused EXPORT_SYMBOL's:
> >   - journal_set_features
> >   - journal_update_superblock
> Nack.  I don't object to un-exporting journal_update_superblock(), 
> because that is pretty internal, but the other functions are intended 
> specifically for use by code outside of JBD.  For example, the journal 
> checksum patch for ext3/4 uses journal_set_features() to turn on 
> features in the JBD superblock.
> Similarly, for 64-bit support in ext4 uses journal_set_features() to 
> set a 64-bit feature flag in the journal superblock.

that's an invalid excuse for the benefit of out-of-tree forks: reality 
is that you can export those functions in the "journal checksum patch" 
just fine. So you cannot 'nack' a sensible patch on that ground and no 
maintainer does it on that ground. Once you get your stuff upstream, you 
can re-add the export.

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