* Theodore Tso <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> > So please deal with it like most other subsystem maintainers do and 
> > stop complaining about "code churn" - nobody but you changes the 
> > ext3 codebase, it's one of the codebases least affected by general 
> > kernel flux, it's an ultimate "leaf" subsystem.
> Right, sorry.  I misread the filename; I thought this was against 
> fs/jbd2, instead of fs/jbd.

Btw., if people have problems with rejects from trivial patches, the 
'mpatch' tool does wonders in resolving the easy ones:


when you get a .rej file, first check whether mpatch can resolve it 

  mpatch -d kernel/somefile.c.rej

if there are no conflicts then:

  mpatch -a kernel/somefile.c.rej

quilt refresh, review the result and it's done in the majority of cases.

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