Theodore Tso wrote:
> This looks good, but I assume that the bug was caused by some race
> condition where if you try to call dm_task_get_info() while some other
> process is creating or removing a snapshot, dm_task_get_info() is
> returning some kind of EAGAIN, or some other "Try again; we're busy"
> error, right?
> If that is the case, can you try to find out what error is being
> returned?  It may be the right thing to do is to check to see if we
> are getting a "resource is locked; try again in a sec" error message,
> and retry the dm_task_get_info(), instead of just returning a failure.

well, dm_task_get_info just returns either 0 or 1; unless there is some
other contextual piece of information to use, I don't know if we can
differentiate between error types.  I'll ask agk...

> Thanks!!
>                                               - Ted

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