On Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 01:10:40PM -0500, Philip Spencer wrote:
> You know what -- I went back and double-checked all the logs, and somehow
> or other I must have recorded a timestamp wrong as 3:19:21 instead of 
> 3:19:51.
> The segfault did in fact happen at 3:19:51 a.m. which is exactly the same 
> time as my backup script moved on to the next filesystem.
> So, it occurred during the unmount and lvremove of the snapshot volume.
> It is, then, entirely expected that the device-mapper routines would return 
> an error if the device no longer existed when the task was run.
> My apologies for mixing up the timestamps! And no bug in device-mapper, 
> just the one in e2fsprogs whch segfaulted in this circumstance instead of 
> dropping the device from its list. Having it fail outright, and not list 
> the device at all, is the correct behaviour for this situation -- just as 
> if the device had already been removed before the blkid routines were run.

OK, that's helpful, to know.  Thanks!!!

                                                - Ted
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