2013-10-30 (수), 21:06 -0400, Zachary:
> Hello,
> Recently I was checking the file format for F2FS and noticed that the
> superblocks' location on the partition was both at the beginning.
> This means that if a large portion of the partition is corrupted, then
> it is possible for both superblocks to be destroyed.  From my
> understanding of other filesystems, they prevent that by spreading out
> the superbolock backups across the partition so that it reduces the
> chances of all superblocks being destroyed.  Has this been noticed
> before or am I mistaken in some way?

IMHO, traditional rotational disks like HDDs need such the superblock

But for the solid-state disks like SSDs and eMMCs, I suspect that the
backups are needed in practical, since its firmware, FTL, spreads the
data across the whole NAND arrays to avoid cell errors (e.g., wear-out).
So I think the superblock is very much hard to be broken especially on
flash storages.

Thank you,

Jaegeuk Kim

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