Day To You Good My Dear,
I Am Mrs Pamela Griffin. I Was Married To Late Mr. Griffin Wells, Who Was A 
Wealthy Business Man In This Country. We Were Married For Many Years Without A 
Child Before He Died After A Brief Illness.

Before sudden death we his was devoted christian.When my late husband was alive 
he deposited the sum of $ 8.5.Eight Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars.

I am very sick from kidney cancer that i may i decided to donate this decided 
to donate this money to a honest individually who will like it like god's work 
such as orphans, widows and building of churches To fulfill the vow i and my 
late husband made to God.

I have not deep thought that took me some day to make this as I have not been 
any child to inherit this Fund and our relatives are all unbelievers And I Do 
Not Want Our Hard Earned Money To Be Used In An Ungodly Way. So You Will Take 
15 Percent Of The Fund For Your Efforts And Use As Remaining I Stated Above.

As Soon As I Read From You I Will Give You More Details On how to achieve this 
goal and get this flow transferred your bank account to.
I need your urgent reply as I do not know what tomorrow will result.
Your sister in the lord
Mrs Pamela Griffin.

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