What follows is a bug report.

I've been experiencing system lockups somewhat randomly. Sometimes an
application freezes, and when I go check its properties, it says the
process' Wait Channel is _f2fs_issue_flush_.

Sometimes it's the qemu process (which I use via libvirt), other times
it's Firefox, or Gnome Videos (totem) and it happened to Nemo once as
well. I have screenshots if necessary.

I've been tracking this with screenshots, and it's happenning every 4
days - on average.

When this happens, the process stays unresponsive no matter what. I tried:

- Restarting swap
- Restarting the Display Manager
- Graceful shutdown / reboot - takes forever, doesn't work
- Shutdown -k and unmounting filesystems from command line - root
can't be unmounted unless -l used, no solution

The only working solution is to reset the machine via power button or
#reboot -f.

I have:

- Kingston SV300S37A120G - hardware is fine, I have other OS / filesystems on it
- f2fs filesystem in a 40 GB partition, GPT
- kernel 4.12.4 with systemd 234.11 - typical up-to-date Arch Linux setup.

You gentlemen let me know if I provide more help.


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