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On 2019/8/14 17:20, Ju Hyung Park wrote:
> Hi Chao,
> On Wed, Aug 14, 2019 at 10:47 AM Chao Yu <yuch...@huawei.com> wrote:
>> In android, as I see, most zip file is small-sized log type, and will be 
>> removed
>> after a roll-back, such as:
>> time1: create log1.zip
>> time2: create log2.zip
>> time3: create log3.zip
>> time4: remove log1.zip, rename log2.zip -> log1.zip; rename log3.zip ->
>> log2.zip; create log3.zip
>> I suggest we can keep zip type in android as warm type with IPU mode to avoid
>> fragmentation caused by small holes in cold area. In linux distro, I agreed 
>> to
>> treat zip as cold type.
> I actually thought your original suggestion of adding "zip" was to
> handle big zip files under /sdcard(/data/media).
> The one case you've mentioned will be entirely dependent on which apps
> user's using.

Yeah, actually, now I didn't see much large zip file in my external storage,
most of them are xxxKB or xMB, some of them looks very old tho. :)

> In case of mine, I don't have any zip files under /data that's
> seemingly used for logs.

Huawei cell phone has log file with .zip/.gz type locating in /data/log/... can
you search that directory?

If we relocate them into cold area, they will make holes in cold area crazily,
as they have small size and will be created/unlinked frequently.


> Thanks,
> .

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