2015-10-21 13:03 GMT+02:00 Peter Korsgaard <pe...@korsgaard.com>:
>>>>>> "Bartosz" == Bartosz Golaszewski <bgolaszew...@baylibre.com> writes:
>  > Chips from the at24cs EEPROM series have an additional read-only memory 
> area
>  > containing a factory pre-programmed serial number. In order to access it, a
>  > dummy write must be executed before reading the serial number bytes.
>  > This series adds support for reading the serial number through a sysfs
>  > attribute.
>  > While we're at it: some of the patches contain readability tweaks and code
>  > organization fixes.
>  > Tested with at24cs64 and at24cs02 chips (for both 16 and 8 bit address
>  > pointers).
> As the serial number is available on a separate i2c address, wouldn't
> it be simpler to handle these as special (read only) device variants and
> instantiate E.G. a 24c64 (for the normal data) and a 24cs64 (for the
> serial)?

Hi Peter,

I wanted to respond that this way we would not be protected from
concurrent accesses, but then I saw I didn't actually include any
locks in the serial read function - my bad. It needs to be fixed as
both memory blocks share the same address pointer.

I'll resend the series.

Best regards,
Bartosz Golaszewski
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