> > > The slave_cb callback function is supposed to set the 'value'
> > > here,
> > 
> > Only if a master wants to READ from us.
> Right, and can this never fail?

Exactly. The slave can stretch the clock if the value to be sent to the
master needs some processing first, but it must deliver something.

> With my current code to turn i2c_slave_event() into an empty inline function
> in case of !CONFIG_I2C_SLAVE, the compiler knows that "value" is uninitialized
> at the point where we write it to the register, and warns about it.

I overlooked that your first patch changed this code, sorry. Now I see
the problem.

What about not ifdeffing the inline function and keep the build error
whenever someone uses it without I2C_SLAVE being selected?



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