> > What about not ifdeffing the inline function and keep the build error
> > whenever someone uses it without I2C_SLAVE being selected?
> The inline function is only added there for the case that I2C_SLAVE is
> disabled, so that would be pointless.
> However, what we could do is move the extern declaration outside of
> the #ifdef to make it always visible. The if(IS_ENABLED(CONFIG_I2C_SLAVE))
> check should then ensure that it never actually gets called, and we
> get a link error if some driver gets it wrong.

Yes, that's what I meant: move the whole function (as it was before your
patch) out of the CONFIG_I2C_SLAVE block. We should get a compiler error
even, because for !I2C_SLAVE, the client struct will not have the
slave_cb member.

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