Hi Wolfram and Peter,
I will give my opinion about the path chosen although it should be
taken lightly.

I can see that hardware guys missed the software guys again on the
development path, but since this happens more often than not, I would
say it seems OK to have support for this as long as it does not make
more complex (longer) standard i2c transfers. I would support to have
additional mutex before mux as that will make less chance that someone
forgets to lock mutex before mux and proposed solution seems valid.


On 5 January 2016 at 19:48, Wolfram Sang <w...@the-dreams.de> wrote:
> Peter,
>> PS. needs a bunch of testing, I do not have access to all the involved hw
> First of all, thanks for diving into this topic and the huge effort you
> apparently have put into it.
> It is obviously a quite intrusive series, so it needs careful review.
> TBH, I can't really tell when I have the bandwidth to do that, so I hope
> other people will step up. And yes, it needs serious testing.
> To all: Although I appreciate any review support, I'd think the first
> thing to be done should be a very high level review - is this series
> worth the huge update? Is the path chosen proper? Stuff like this. I'd
> appreciate Acks or Revs for that. Stuff like fixing checkpatch warnings
> and other minor stuff should come later.
> Thanks,
>    Wolfram
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