Mark Lord wrote:
Tejun Heo wrote:
Hello, guys.

We still have three problems with ADMA.

* hard lockup during resume
* occasional hard lockup after hotplug or other erros (probably related
to the above?)

This has only been reported on one person's MSI board. Apparently another revision of the same board is reported to work, and I can't duplicate the problem on my Asus board, so it could just be some hardware problem on that motherboard.

* occasional timeout of FLUSH after NCQ writes

I think we should disable ADMA for 2.6.24 and -stable for now.  What do
you guys think?

I still can't say I'm really in favor of it.. In particular to do so for 2.6.24 right now seems excessive, as none of these problems are regressions from 2.6.23, and these controllers haven't been tested in non-ADMA mode very much since it was made the default, so that change might actually cause regressions.

Heck, given the active vendor neglect here,
I'm surprised we even bother with it at all!


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