Jim MacBaine wrote:
> A co-worker, to whom I explained my problem, asked me whether I had
> properly grounded my drives. In fact I had not: The drives resided in
> a vibration-absorbing frame through which their exterior had no
> electrical contact with the grounded case. Since I grounded the drives
> two days ago, I got no new errors.  So maybe my problem is solved.

Hmmm... Grounding..... Interesting.

> If not, I will happily try out your suggestion. Would you be so kind
> to explain in a few words, what connecting one drive to a second
> (supposedly good) PSU will show?

It's just a good way to isolate problems.  For example, the motherboard
could be doing something strange on the 12v rail and the PSU could be
too sensitive causing the whole rail to fluctuate slightly leading to
occasional transmission errors.  SATA links are the first to be affected
by those kinds of electrical problems.

> (Is this still on-topic on this list?)

Yeah, sure.

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