Tejun Heo wrote:

Jim MacBaine wrote:
A co-worker, to whom I explained my problem, asked me whether I had
properly grounded my drives. In fact I had not: The drives resided in
a vibration-absorbing frame through which their exterior had no
electrical contact with the grounded case. Since I grounded the drives
two days ago, I got no new errors.  So maybe my problem is solved.

Hmmm... Grounding..... Interesting.

Can you say about more about this, Jim? This may also be my problem, or part of it, as my drives too are mounted in such a way as not to be in physical contact with the case. How did you go about grounding them? I suppose one test would be just to remove the washers....

That said, in my case, 2.6.24 seems to make a big difference, too. I accidentally booted into 2.6.23 today and, boom.


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