On Tue, Feb 12, 2008 at 04:15:07PM -0800, Greg KH wrote:
> I'm curious if we really still support the ide=reverse option?  It's a
> config option that I don't think the distros still enable (SuSE does
> not).  Is this still needed these days?
 My "server" has a consumer-grade desktop amd64 mobo, with all that
implies about cheap hardware and strange/misleading bios options.
It also has an add-in dual IDE card with the main data on raid1.
It's set to ide=reverse, without that it doesn't boot (the add-ins
are IDE, system drive is SATA, so I guess it probably tries to boot
from the DVD - it's been a long time since it bit me and I don't
remember the full details.

 That was how it was set for, and how it now boots from  I think at one time the order of the interfaces might
have been different.  Certainly, I carry forward a fallback without
ide=reverse in lilo.conf, just in case the disks move on my next
kernel upgrade.

 What a distro selects should cover most of that distro's users, but
that is not anywhere near providing 100% coverage for *all* the
hardware out there.  Also, you can force your users to e.g. mount by
label.  So far, that hasn't been forced on me, and I really hate
having to reboot that box :)

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