On 13-02-08 01:15, Greg KH wrote:

I'm reworking the pci device list logic (we currently keep all PCI
devices in 2 lists, which isn't the nicest, we should be able to get
away with only 1 list.)

The only bother I've found so far is the pci_get_device_reverse()
function, it's used in 2 places, IDE and the calgary driver.

I'm curious if we really still support the ide=reverse option?  It's a
config option that I don't think the distros still enable (SuSE does
not).  Is this still needed these days?

In digging, we changed this option in 2.2.x from being called
"pci=reverse" and no one else seems to miss it.

Any thoughts?

While details escape me somewhat again at the monment, a few months ago I was playing around with a PCI Promise IDE controller and needed ide=reverse to save me from having to switch disks around to still have a bootable system.

Or some such. Not too clear anymore, but I remember it saved the day.

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