Gabor FUNK wrote:
>> It shouldn't kill the RAID.  Hmmm... The log is truncated.  Can you
>> please post full kernel log spanning from boot to array death?
> RAID "dies" because controller dies, then it loses 4 disks out of 8...
> Actually, the server last time was up and running for 2 months.
> Then when it failed the 1st time, I did some tests and it went on for
> 3 days, including building the raid and heavy test file copy.
> The full log from the 1st relevant error message till the death of
> the array is here:

What I said was that timeouts occurring due to transmission errors
should be recoverable.  It seems like IRQ delivery didn't work probably
due to screaming IRQ.  I need to see the messages before the first
relevant error message.  It's always a good idea to post full kernel log
from boot till failure.  Things which don't seem relevant are often

>> Move half of the drives to the new PSU and see whether the problem goes
>> away.
> This is a new server, with a Chieftec GPS650AB, 650W PSU in it.
> Though AFAIK a harddisk consumes around 10W, and I will try to use
> more than one PSU-s.

I've recently tracked down IO problems a server product line from a
major (really, one of the top three) vendor to malfunctioning PSU, so
don't trust the labeling too much.

> The main problem is that I can't immediately see if it helps or not.
> Even if it will work without this problem for a week, I can't be sure it
> still will in 2 months...
> Because of this - and because I believe that this problem related to the HW
> (motherboard, chipset) - I'd rather just throw away the MB and use an
> other one with two extra 4 port SATA cards.

Till now, none of this kind of problem has been tracked down to MB or
the controller while 90% of hardware problems turned out to be power


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