Jeff Garzik wrote:
Jon Li wrote:

I am curious as to whether there are plans to add support for integrated
sata devices.  I personally want to add support for a 60x1C0 based
device (pci:id = 0x5182).  I think adding support should be relatively
simple, except for a few issues outlined below.

In the original mvSata.c (ver3.4) that has 0x5182 support, the config
space is as such:

case MV_SATA_DEVICE_ID_5182:
        pAdapter->numberOfChannels = MV_SATA_5182_PORT_NUM;
        pAdapter->numberOfUnits = 1;
        pAdapter->portsPerUnit = 2;
        pAdapter->sataAdapterGeneration = MV_SATA_GEN_IIE;
        /*The integrated sata core chip based on 60x1 C0*/
        pAdapter->chipIs60X1C0 = MV_TRUE;
        pAdapter->hostInterface = MV_HOST_IF_INTEGRATED;
        pAdapter->mainMaskOffset = 0x20024; /*the iobaseaddress is
        pAdapter->mainCauseOffset = 0x20020;

I have not yet figured out how all these values are defined in sata-mv.c
(ver 0.8).  Specifically, where do I define "numberOfChannels" which
should equal 2, and "numberOfUnits" which obviously equals 1?

I have a current config space (not completed) for sata-mv.c which is:

    {  /* chip_5182 */
        .sht        = &mv_sht,
        .flags        = (MV_COMMON_FLAGS | MV_6XXX_FLAGS |
        .pio_mask    = 0x1f,    /* pio0-4 */
        .udma_mask    = 0x7f,    /* udma0-6 */
        .port_ops    = &mv6_ops,

Saeed:  isn't this what your SOC patches already implemented for us?
As near as I can tell, sata_mv now already has support for the 60x1C0.

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