saeed wrote:

On Mon, 25 Feb 2008, Jeff Garzik wrote:


Saeed:  isn't this what your SOC patches already implemented for us?
As near as I can tell, sata_mv now already has support for the 60x1C0.
Saeed's stuff didn't support PCI though, and Jon Li is definitely talking
about PCI...
yes, my patch added support for the SoC sata like in the 5182, and this is what Jon Li was concerned about. he mentioneded the 60x1C0 pci device just to suggest to use it's code for the SoC sata as it is very similar.

I don't think I understand your english there.

Does the current sata_mv driver work as-is with the chipset this person wants?
If not, then exactly what has to change to make it work?

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