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> I really don't know how I screwed this up, but I've been "playing" with
> this for hours with no success.
> I have a raspberry PI file server. I rarely use the GUI and when I do
> it's usually over VNC (I use KRDC) or with ssh -X.
> As of today:
> 1 - KRDC won't connect
> 2 - ssh -X pi@pi   (pi is defined in /etc/hosts) gives only a console
> login and says:
> X11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication.
> 3 - I connected a monitor directly to the PI and it will not accept the
> pi password when I try to login to X11 - but DOES accept the root
> password. So X11 is OK, but only for root - not the regular pi user.
Not a Pi expert so I'll answer this as if it was a generic Linux question...

1. You didn't mention if you tried to simply reset the pi user password
from root by invoking 'passwd pi'?

2. Assuming SSH authentication via public key (I have to assume because I
couldn't find the authentication method in the question...), one has to
make sure that the home directory of the user authenticating to is with
not-too-open permissions (for starters the safest bet is chmod 700),
likewise for all all ancestor directories of said home directory, because
if they're too open, another user might be able to simply replace your
homedir with another homedir, and then log in as you; To discourage such
possibility, SSH blocks authentication whenever the permissions are too

3. If all the above fails (or you already tried and everything is in
order), I would look at /var/log/messages (or Pi equivalent) while
attempting to login to the user, to see if any hint is available there.
Also, over ssh, using 'ssh -v' might output something useful.


-- Shimi
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