On lun, 2007-11-26 at 21:43 +1030, Ron wrote:
> Hi Pascal,
> There is a less intrusive way to handle this for any reasonably modern
> 2.6 kernel...  see the check_driver script in the Debian package.
> It's called from udev when the device is plugged and if it is a wacom
> tablet, it will repossess it from any other driver and bind it to the
> wacom one.
> We had a more brutal hack that did this for 2.4 too, but this method
> is I believe the recommended one now (or at least supported without
> further kernel patching since about 2.6.13-ish).

Yes this can be workarounded in userspace, but why having a blacklist in
HID if the individual usbhid drivers still take the device ? And why
having a driver to handle a device when a better one exists ?

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