On Mon, 26 Nov 2007, Pascal Terjan wrote:

> That means that if usbmouse is already loaded when a wacom tablet gets 
> plugged it, it will take it. This patch fixes this behaviour by using 
> hid's blacklist in usbmouse and usbkbd, but I don't know much about 
> interactions between hid and usbmouse/usbkbd so I'm not sure this is the 
> correct way to do it.

Hi Pascal,

usbmouse and usbkbd shouldn't be loaded at all on a standard system. These 
modules are pretty non-standard and should be used only in really extreme 

On the other hand you are right that making them honor the 
HID_QUIRK_IGNORE* blacklist entries makes sense.

Could you please add your Signed-off-by to your patch, so that I can take 
it through my tree?


Jiri Kosina
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