On 09/15/2016 07:54 PM, Bjorn Andersson wrote:
On Wed 31 Aug 13:50 PDT 2016, Loic Pallardy wrote:

To allow resource appending to an existing resource table,
remoteproc framework should get information about resource
table spare area. With current resource table construction,
remoteproc is not able to identify by itself any free location.
This patch introduces a new resource type named RSC_SPARE which
allows firmware to define room for resource table extension.
Defined spare area will be used by remtoreproc to extend resource

We don't need a dummy type for keeping track of the available room in
the resource table in the loaded firmware. All we need to do is to look
at the sh_size of the .resource_table section, which actually is what's
returned in tablesz.

This is the size of the .resource_table section. Doesn't means that only resource table is stored in. Today this is the assumption and we force firmware to respect this.

So the spare size is the difference between tablesz and the end of the
last resource and if you need you can pad this when composing the

Proposal was to clearly identify the area for extension (whatever .resource_table section is done). But if you agree on the fact .resource_tabel section constains only resource table and eventualy room for extension, I can indeed simply room detection.



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