On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 1:00 PM, Rabin Vincent <ra...@rab.in> wrote:
> Note that addr2line has localized strings, so the regex with the " at "
> won't match for everyone unless you invoke addr2line with LANG=C.

Ok, I'll make it match just on the space instead.

> __write_once_size på /home/rabinv/dev/linux/include/linux/compiler.h:248

That's an odd localization choice.

"på"? Wouldn't "i" (or perhaps "vid") be a better choice?

Anyway, this works for me in the Swedish locale too. Look ok?

   -       addr2line -fpie $objfile $hexaddr | sed "s;$dir_prefix;;"
   +       addr2line -fpie $objfile $hexaddr |
   +               sed "s; $dir_prefix\(\./\)*; ;"

because I certainly hope there is always a space there.


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