On Wed, 2016-09-21 at 11:32 +0930, Joel Stanley wrote:
> I had a look at the eval board schematic and it appears that the line
> has pull down resistors on it, explaining why the IRQ fires when it's
> configured to active low. Other machines re-use the pin pin as a GPIO.
> So yes, I will change this to a dt property in v2. That will mean
> dropping 4/7 "net/faraday: Avoid PHYSTS_CHG interrupt" as well.

What line is it out of the PHY ? The PHY IRQ ? If yes then it's meant
to be telling you to go look at the PHY registers for a link status
change, but only works if the PHY has also been configured

Mostly we ignore those things in Linux and just poll the PHY.


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