On 2016/9/22 7:15, David Rientjes wrote:
> On Thu, 22 Sep 2016, zijun_hu wrote:
>>> We don't support inserting when va->va_start == tmp_va->va_end, plain and 
>>> simple.  There's no reason to do so.  NACK to the patch.
>> i am sorry i disagree with you because
>> 1) in almost all context of vmalloc, original logic treat the special case 
>> as normal
>>    for example, __find_vmap_area() or alloc_vmap_area()
> The ranges are [start, end) like everywhere else.  __find_vmap_area() is 
> implemented as such for the passed address.  The address is aligned in 
> alloc_vmap_area(), there's no surprise here.  The logic is correct in 
> __insert_vmap_area().
1) is the desire behavior of __insert_vmap_area() conform with that mentioned
   in my comments?
2) which way of code implementation can present the desire purpose more clear
   and more understandable?

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