>> The of_node_put() function was called in some cases
>> by the tilcdc_convert_slave_node() function during error handling
>> even if the passed variable contained a null pointer.
>> * Adjust jump targets according to the Linux coding style convention.
>> * Split a condition check for resource detection failures so that
>>   each pointer from these function calls will be checked immediately.
>>   See also background information:
>>   Topic "CWE-754: Improper check for unusual or exceptional conditions"
>>   Link: https://cwe.mitre.org/data/definitions/754.html
> I don't really agree with this patch.

This kind of feedback can be fine at first glance.

> There is no harm in calling of_node_put() with NULL as an argument

The cost of additional function calls will be eventually not noticed
just because they belong to an exception handling implementation so far.

> and because of that there is no point in making the function more complex

There is inherent software complexity involved.

> and harder to maintain.

How do you think about to discuss this aspect a bit more?

I suggest to reconsider this design detail if it is really acceptable
for the safe implementation of such a software module.

* How much will it matter in general that one function call was performed
  in this use case without checking its return value immediately?

* Should it usually be determined quicker if a required resource
  could be acquired before trying the next allocation?


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