Gerd Hoffmann <> writes:

> From: Eric Anholt <>
> The BCM2835-ARM-Peripherals.pdf documentation specifies what the
> function selects do for the pins, and there are a bunch of obvious
> groupings to be made.  With these created, we'll be able to replace
> bcm2835-rpi.dtsi's main "set all of these pins to alt0" with
> references to specific groups we want enabled.
> Also add pinctrl groups for emmc and sdhost.
> Based on patches by Eric Anholt <>

I amended this line to "Based on patches by Eric Anholt, with fixups by
Gerd Hoffmann." to explain why it had me as author but you in signoff.

I had to resolve some conflicts on the way in because apparently you had
built this against a tree with 14 and 15 already dropped from alt0.  I
think those resolutions were sufficiently mechanical that it didn't
merit a respin.

Merged the series to bcm2835-dt-next.  Thanks for getting this done!

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