On Sun, 16 Oct 2016 06:52:16 +0800
kbuild test robot <fengguang...@intel.com> wrote:

>    drivers/pci/hotplug/ibmphp_ebda.c: In function 'ibmphp_access_ebda':
> >> drivers/pci/hotplug/ibmphp_ebda.c:409:1: warning: the frame size of 1108 
> >> bytes is larger than 1024 bytes [-Wframe-larger-than=]


Thanks for the report. The problem is that these are large functions
(there are a lot of basic blocks) and the entropy plugin instruments all basic 
I think the solution is to skip these functions which contain more than n basic 
Sorry, I haven't time to fix this bug. PaX Team will fix it in PaX.


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