> So how are we going to deal with that in the schematas? Assume the L3=16
> and L2=8 case(no CDP). So effectively any write of L2 to CLOSID=0 will
> affect the setting of L2 in CLOSID=8.
> Will the code tell the user that L2 cannot be set for CLOSID >= 8? 
> Will it print the setting of CLOSID - 8 for CLOSID >= 8 when you read the
> schemata file of CLOSID >= 8?

The default and first 7 directories you make will have lines in schemata for
both L3 and L2.  The next 8 will just have L3 (and won't let you add L2).

> And of course this becomes very interesting when CLOSID 1 is deleted, then
> what happens to CLOSID 9? Not to talk about the case when CLOSID 1 is
> reused again.

Deleting CLOSID 1 won't affect CLOSID 9.  When you make a new directory
that gets allocated CLOSID 1, it will have both L3 and L2 lines.


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