> Fine, but my point was to check that the basic things worked before
> trying the complicated, or "advanced" stuff.

Your suggestion is fine in this sense. I can observe that the following command 
works as expected here.

my_build_dir=/tmp/fixdep-check-20161018-1 && mkdir "${my_build_dir}" && 
my_cc=/usr/bin/gcc-6 && make O="${my_build_dir}" HOSTCC="${my_cc}" allmodconfig 
&& make -j6 O="${my_build_dir}" HOSTCC="${my_cc}" drivers/md/

> If, somehow, fixdep didn't work in a basic setup then you'd know it wasn't 
> one of your
> advanced features that was causing the problem.

The command example above is an approximation for the configuration approach
which I would really want instead.

> And if fixdep did work with a basic setup , then that would suggest
> something wrong with your advanced command line.

How do you think about to clarify further which implementation detail could 
the shown software build difficulty?

Can it be that the passing of the adjusted parameter "HOSTCFLAGS" has got a 
influence (with unwanted side effects) in this use case?


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