On 2016/11/30 15:36, Nikita Yushchenko wrote:
>> But I think it is not necessary since the driver don't support jumbo frame.
> Hardcoded 1522 raises two separate issues.
> (1) When DSA is in use, frames processed by FEC chip contain DSA tag and
> thus can be larger than hardcoded limit of 1522. This issue is not
> FEC-specific, any driver that hardcodes maximum frame size to 1522 (many
> do) will have this issue if used with DSA.
> Clean solution for this must take into account that difference between
> MTU and max frame size is no longer known at compile time. Actually this
> is the case even without DSA, due to VLANs: max frame size is (MTU + 18)
> without VLANs, but (MTU + 22) with VLANs. However currently drivers tend
> to ignore this and hardcode 22.  With DSA, 22 is not enough, need to add
> switch-specific tag size to that.
> Not yet sure how to handle this. DSA-specific API to find out tag size
> could be added, but generic solution should handle all cases of dynamic
> difference between MTU and max frame size, not only DSA.

BTW I'm trying to introduce envelope frames to solve this kind of problems.

It needs jumbo frame support of NICs though.

Toshiaki Makita

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