Hi Andrew,

Andrew Lunn <and...@lunn.ch> writes:

> As we have seen in the past, this sort of loop is broken if we end up
> sleeping for a long time. Please take the opportunity to replace it
> with one of our _wait() helpers, e.g. mv88e6xxx_g1_wait()

That won't work. the _wait() helpers are made to wait on self-clear (SC)
bits, i.e. looping until they are cleared to zero.

Here we want the opposite.

I will keep this existing wait loop for the moment and work soon on a
new patchset to rework the wait routines. We need a generic access to
test a given value against a given mask and wrappers for busy bits, etc.

>> +int mv88e6xxx_g1_init_ready(struct mv88e6xxx_chip *chip, bool *ready)
>> +{
>> +    u16 val;
>> +    int err;
>> +
>> +    /* Check the value of the InitReady bit 11 */
>> +    err = mv88e6xxx_g1_read(chip, GLOBAL_STATUS, &val);
>> +    if (err)
>> +            return err;
>> +
>> +    *ready = !!(val & GLOBAL_STATUS_INIT_READY);
> I would actually do the wait here.

That is better indeed.



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