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On 2017/1/11 15:06, Hanjun Guo wrote:
> With platform msi support landed in the kernel, and the introduction
> of IORT for GICv3 ITS (PCI MSI) and SMMU, the framework for platform msi
> is ready, this patch set add few patches to enable the ACPI platform
> msi support.
> For platform device connecting to ITS on arm platform, we have IORT
> table with the named componant node to describe the mappings of paltform
> device and ITS, so we can retrieve the dev id and find its parent
> irqdomain (ITS) from IORT table (simlar with the ACPI ITS support).
> v6 -> v7: 
>       - Introduce iort_node_map_platform_id() to retrieve the
>         dev id for both NC (named component) -> ITS/SMMU and
>         NC -> SMMU -> ITS cases, suggested by Lorenzo;
>       - Reorder the patches and rewrite some commit message;
>       - Remove the test tags because it has major changes
>         to retrieve the dev id, Sinan, Majun, Xinwei, could
>         you please test them again on your platform?
>       - rebased on top of 4.10-rc3 and Lorenzo's patch
>           https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/9507041/
>       - Tested against Agustin's patch [1-2/3] "[PATCH V9 0/3] irqchip: qcom:
>           Add IRQ combiner driver"

I tested this patch set on the Hisilicon D05 board with these patches:

  [1] Agustin's V9 IRQ combiner driver patch set

  [2] Lorenzo's v2 iort_node_get_id fix patch

The branch is at https://github.com/hisilicon/linux-hisi/tree/topic-acpi-mbigen.

The integrated XGE, SAS and PCIe controller works fine.
So with this patch set:

Tested-by: Wei Xu <xuw...@hisilicon.com>


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