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> Hmm, looking at users of .set_debounce() I can see that the debounce
> time can be quite large. For example some signals which are connected to
> physical push-buttons may need > 64ms debounce time.
> However, the current pinconfig value is defined to be unsigned long
> which on 32-bit architecture is 32-bits. From that the higher 16-bits
> are used as config leaving the value to be 16-bits. This gives maximum
> debounce time of 65535us. I don't think it can cover all the uses of
> .set_debounce(). This could also be problematic when specifying values
> for pull resistors.
> One solution is to convert the packed value to be u64 instead, leaving
> up to 48-bits for the value. Alternatively we could provide a scale
> field with the packed format.

Hm yeah as long as all in-kernel users survive I don't see why we
couldn't just make it 64bit. Is it a big deal?

A scale field (multiplier) can also work, I don't know which is most

Linus Walleij

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