Greg KH <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I do not think this should be reverted, as the odds that some one will
> rename their network device to be "irq" or something else that is in the
> pci device's directory is pretty slim.  It also only shows up if
> CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED is disabled, not the common option.

Ah.  I missed that last little bit.

> But I am still working on it, I sent you and Kay a patch that, while it
> locks up at boot time, should be close to what we need to address this
> :)

Hmm.  I haven't seen that one.

>> - pci_save_state, pci_restore_state are broken and have been for a
>>   while if used on anything besides plain pci (pci-x, pci-e and msi)
>>   and are not used in pairs. (gregkh and Andrew have the patches to 
>>   correct this).
> I think these are already in Linus's tree right now, right?

Oops I missed that.

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