Good news everyone,

the Linux Test Project test suite stable release for *May 2017*
has been released.

Since the last release 264 patches by 28 authors were merged.

Notable changes are:

o New tests for:
  - quotaclt() regression test
  - quotactl() Q_XGETNEXTQUOTA
  - lseek() SEEK_HOLE and SEEK_DATA
  - keyctl() regression tests
  - memfd_create() tests
  - recvmsg() regression test
  - getxattr() regression test
  - move_pages() regression test

o Additional 47 testcases were cleaned up and converted to the new test library.

o SAFE_MACROS() can now be used in test cleanup which significantly simplifies
  test cleanup functions.

o Numa memory migration testcases were cleaned up and fixed.

o Minimal testing device size was bumped to 256MB in order to support modern

o Initiall ANDROID support was merged in.

o Test output is now colorized in case that we print to terminal.

+ The usuall amount of fixes all around the place

The latest version of the test-suite contains 3000+ tests for the Linux
and can be downloaded at:

The project pages as well as GIT repository are hosted on GitHub:

If you ever wondered how to write a LTP testcase, don't miss our
developer documentation at:

Patches, new tests, bugs, comments or questions should go to to our
mailing list at

Cyril Hrubis

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