Hi Thomas,

On Tue, Aug 08, 2017 at 01:46:25PM +0200, Thomas Meyer wrote:
> Hi,
> did the commit 6e19eded3684dc184181093af3bff2ff440f5b53 break a linux kernel
> build with an included ramdisk?
> As fas as I understand you must expliclity add rootfstype=ramfs to the kernel
> command line to boot from the included ramfsdisk?
> bug or feature?

Strange, I'm running my kernels with the modules packaged inside the initramfs
and never met this problem even after this commit (my 4.9 kernels are still
packaged this way and run fine). And yes, I do have TMPFS enabled. I can't
tell whether tmpfs or ramfs was used however given that at this level I don't
have all the tools available to report the FS type (and proc says "rootfs").
Are you sure you're not missing anything ?


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