> >[You seem to have a stale linux-pm address in your address book,
> >I replaced it with the current one in the CC list.]

Thanks, fixed.

> >>ACPI S3, right. Machine still wakes up properly when I hit a key on
> >>USB keyboard.
> >
> >OK, so my guess would be a driver issue.  What driver is this, igb?
> >
> >>Does wake on LAN work on you, on any hardware?
> >
> >Yes it does, I checked two machines earlier today, both work.
> >
> >Can you enable dynamic debug in device_pm.c and send a dmesg output
> >with that covering a suspend-resume cycle?
> 82579 is e1000e

Thanks for all the help.

I now realized what was going on: I had badly inserted ethernet
cable; machine just connected to wifi, and everything worked... except
wake on LAN.

Sorry for the noise,

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