[ Leaving the cc's in, just in a futile hope that others will catch
things like this too ]

Miłosz, do you control the DKIM setup on "milek7.pl"?

Because right now your emails get marked as spam when  you go through
the kernel mailing list.

Why? The kernel mailing list ends up rewriting white-space in the
email headers, and you have

    DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=simple/simple; d=milek7.pl;
s=dkim; ....

where that "simple/simple" means that *any* change - even whitespace -
will make DKIM fail.

And quite frankly, "c=simple/simple" is just wrong. SMTP very much was
never designed to care about whitespace in headers. The DKIM people
were crazy to even allow and to codify that broken garbage.

Yes, yes, the kernel mailing list should also be fixed to not do the
header rewriting, but it is very fundamental to how it works (it
simply doesn't save the headers as a collection of raw lines at all,
it saves them as the cleaned-up thing). So it would involve switching
everything around, and Davem just doesn't have the time and energy.

And "c=simple/simple" really is bogus.

So if at all possible, make the use milek7.pl DKIM setup use
"c=relaxed/relaxed", and LKML will be happy again, and your emails
don't  get marked as spam..


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