On Thu, 10 Aug 2017 17:42:51 +0200, Thomas Meyer said:

> 1.) make with multiple targets
> When running
> $ make -j4 clean all
> I get error from make (probably in scripts/Makefile.modbuiltin):
> Output from above with V=1:

Possibly unrelated, but I suspect there's a bunch of weirdness lurking in there.

I often end up building lots of kernels (especially during a bisect), and
I've noticed that if I do a 'git bisect good/bad' and then do

make modconfig; make -j4   it will in fact do 4 streams.

But if I just say 'make -j4' and it decides it needs to do a modconfig,
it will then apparently lose the -j4 somewhere and run just one stream.
(But if it doesn't do a modconfig, the -j4 works...)

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