I was looking at implementing a reset driver for our in-house SoC. It's essentially a long bitfield, each bit controlling one sort of reset. That seems to be surprisingly common. I've identified the following drivers which control a very similar reset:

* reset-zynq
* reset-zx2967
* reset-sunxi
* reset-stm32
* reset-socfpga
* reset-oxynas
* reset-meson
* reset-berlin

All of these have in common some form of another of:

        int bank = id / BITS_PER_LONG;
        int offset = id % BITS_PER_LONG;

It doesn't make sense to me why all these would be duplicated for every reset controller. I think it would make sense to have a common driver to handle these simple resets -- call it "simple-reset". I'm thinking of something similar to drivers/tty/serial/8250, where the following parameters can be specified:

- reg-offset
- reg-shift
- reg-io-width

I think a generic "simple-reset" driver which is configurable by a similar set of parameters would be a suitable replacement for all the aforementioned drivers. As far as our SoC goes, I've just added

        compatible = "st,stm32-rcc";

to our devicetree, and I already have a fully-working reset driver. Do you think we should proceed in the direction of "simple-reset", and what other features do you estimate we'll need?


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