The Linux man-pages maintainer proudly announces:

    man-pages-4.15 - man pages for Linux

This release resulted from patches, bug reports, reviews, and comments 
from 26 contributors. Over 200 commits changed around 75 pages.
In addition, 3 new manual pages were added.

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A selection of changes in this release that may be of interest
to readers of LKML is shown below.



==================== Changes in man-pages-4.15 ====================

New and rewritten pages

    QingFeng Hao  [Michael Kerrisk]
        New page for s390-specific s390_sthyi(2)

    Michael Kerrisk
        New page describing network namespaces
            Based on content moved from namespaces(7)

    Stefan Hajnoczi  [Jorgen Hansen, Michael Kerrisk]
        Document the VSOCK socket address family

Newly documented interfaces in existing pages

    Michael Kerrisk  [Tejun Heo]
        Document cgroups v2 "thread mode"
    Michael Kerrisk  [Tejun Heo]
        Document cgroup v2 delegation via the 'nsdelegate' mount option
    Michael Kerrisk
        Document the cgroup.max.depth and cgroup.max.descendants files
    Michael Kerrisk
        Document 'release_agent' mount option
    Michael Kerrisk  [Roman Gushchin]
        Document /sys/kernel/cgroup/delegate
    Michael Kerrisk  [Roman Gushchin]
        Document /sys/kernel/cgroup/features
    Michael Kerrisk  [Roman Gushchin]
        Document cgroups v2 cgroup.stat file

Changes to individual pages

        Document "Lost locks" as cause for EIO.
            If an advisory lock is lost, then read/write requests on any
            affected file descriptor can return EIO - for NFSv4 at least.

    John Hubbard  [Michael Hocko]
        MAP_FIXED is no longer discouraged
            MAP_FIXED has been widely used for a very long time, yet the man
            page still claims that "the use of this option is discouraged".
    John Hubbard
        MAP_FIXED updated documentation
                -- Expand the documentation to discuss the hazards in
                   enough detail to allow avoiding them.

                -- Mention the upcoming MAP_FIXED_SAFE flag.

                -- Enhance the alignment requirement slightly.

    Nikola Forró
        Point out that error handling is unreliable

    Michael Kerrisk
        Clarify that SECCOMP_RET_TRAP SIGSYS signal is thread-directed

    Michael Kerrisk
        Note which capability sets are affected by SECBIT_NO_SETUID_FIXUP
            Note explicitly that SECBIT_NO_SETUID_FIXUP is relevant for
            the permitted, effective, and ambient capability sets.
    Michael Kerrisk
        Clarify effect of CAP_SETFCAP
            Make it clear that CAP_SETFCAP allows setting arbitrary
            capabilities on a file.
    Michael Kerrisk
        Clarify which capability sets are effected by SECBIT_KEEP_CAPS
            This flag has relevance only for the process permitted and
            effective sets.
    Michael Kerrisk
        Rephrase CAP_SETPCAP description
            * Mention kernel versions.
            * Place current kernel behavior first
    Michael Kerrisk
        SECBIT_KEEP_CAPS is ignored if SECBIT_NO_SETUID_FIXUP is set
    Michael Kerrisk
        Ambient set is also cleared when UIDs are set to nonzero value

    Michael Kerrisk
        Add a more complete description of cgroup v1 named hierarchies
    Michael Kerrisk
        Add a section on unmounting cgroup v1 filesystems
    Michael Kerrisk
        Add subsection describing cgroups v2 subtree delegation
    Michael Kerrisk
        Mention ENOENT error that can occur when writing to subtree_control file
    Michael Kerrisk
        Add list of currently available version 2 controllers
    Nikolay Borisov
        Add information about RDMA controller
    Michael Kerrisk
        Rewrite the description of cgroup v2 subtree control
    Michael Kerrisk  [Tejun Heo]
        Note Linux 4.11 changes to cgroup v2 delegation containment rules
    Michael Kerrisk
        systemd(1) nowadays automatically mounts the cgroup2 filesystem
    Michael Kerrisk
        Clarify that cgroup.controllers is read-only
    Michael Kerrisk
        Elaborate a little on problems of splitting threads across cgroups in v1
    Michael Kerrisk  [Tejun Heo]
        Tweak the description of delegation of cgroup.subtree_control

    Michael Kerrisk  [Andrea Parri]
        Correctly describe effect of priority changes for RT threads
            The placement of a thread in the run queue for its new
            priority depends on the direction of movement in priority.
            (This appears to contradict POSIX, except in the case of

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