Nikita Leshenko <> writes:

> The patch looks correct, however I’m confused about why you consider
> this to be a bug in the guest rather than a bug in KVM.
> The spec for x2APIC states:
> "The support for Directed EOI capability can be detected by means of
> bit 24 in the Local APIC Version Register” (Intel’s x2APIC spec, 2.5.1
> Directed EOI)
> It seems to me that Windows did the right thing by testing for the
> presence of directed EOI feature rather than implying it exists by
> testing a version number. KVM did the wrong thing by advertising a
> feature it doesn’t support.
> Therefore I think that you should change the comment to something like
> “KVM’s in-kernel IOAPIC doesn’t support Directed EOI register, so don’t
> advertise this capability in the LAPIC Version Register.” instead of
> talking about buggy guests, as it may confuse future readers of this
> code.

Before disabling EOI broadcast guests should check if IOAPIC is of
proper version - the fact that you can disable EOI broadcast doesn't
automatically mean that you can later do EOI through IOAPIC... 

Anyway, I got the impression that last time conversation ended up with
'this is a guest bug' conclusion
( - see Radim's and
Ladi's comments) but I'm not insisting - if now we conclude this is not a
Windows issue let it be it. But let's just fix it once and for all :-)


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